Toyota Camry: ‘I was a little scared’ to use the seat in the back

Toyota says it is recalling nearly 2.6 million vehicles because a small amount of carbon dust could contaminate the seats of the new Camry.

The recall was announced on the company’s website Friday.

The company says it will not sell the vehicle.

The automaker says the defect could be caused by a manufacturing defect.

Toyota said the recall involves only 2.4 percent of Camrys sold in the U.S.

The Toyota spokeswoman, Stephanie Wysolowka, did not provide a specific number of affected vehicles, saying only that there are 2.8 million Camrys in the market and it was taking steps to address the defect.

Toyota said that it received reports of a carbon dust buildup in some of the seats in the new 2010 Toyota Camrys that can result in dust exposure to the occupant.

The recall is intended to address those seats, but Toyota also said it would provide free seats to owners of the affected models.

The new Camrys will have a limited warranty, and the company said owners can get free seat replacements or get a replacement for up to six months.

The Camrys also have a safety package, including an automatic emergency braking system, a front airbag and front-facing cameras.

Toyotas new Camrynks and Camrys can be found at most major retailers.

Toyos new Camros and Camros with a manual transmission can be ordered online.

The Toyota spokeswoman did not say how many models are affected.

The vehicle’s owners can call 1-800-543-7678.

The U.K. manufacturer says it has received more than 2.3 million reports of carbon pollution from the seats.

The EPA said the number of cases could be higher.

The EPA has not issued a recall of the vehicle, and it has not been possible to find a certified third-party lab that can test for carbon dust.

The U.N. agency says the air bags and front airbags in the Camry are designed to provide extra protection.