Toyota is to introduce a new electric vehicle that will be based on the Corolla, its flagship sports car model, in 2019

The carmaker will launch the Corollas successor this year, Toyota said on Wednesday.

The new vehicle will be powered by the company’s “Corolla 3” electric platform, which will also feature a new engine, a larger battery and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds.

The Corolla 3 will be the first Toyota model to use the “Corollas” design language and be powered entirely by the engine, with a more conventional battery.

The vehicle will offer a range of more than 160km, Toyota’s Chief Operating Officer Tomoyuki Nakazawa said.

The company is also planning to launch the new Corolla with a range similar to the outgoing model, which has been estimated at about 250km.

The car is expected to arrive later this year.

Toyota has launched a range-extender model, the Coronet, for the 2018 model year that offers an extra 100km of range.

The 2017 Corolla range- extender was released in early December.

Toyota is also introducing the Coroda, which is expected later this month.

It is designed to offer a new hybrid system for use in the Corllas range extender, and is expected by mid-2020.

The next model will be a compact sedan, a successor to the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota’s Corolla lineup is dominated by the Toyota Prius, which features a smaller battery than the Corona.

Toyota plans to launch several new models with the new battery, including a new midsize sedan, which was launched earlier this year and a new sport utility vehicle.

Toyota also unveiled its “Coro”, which is powered by a hybrid system that combines electric motor, electric motor and combustion engine.

The “Coros” will be available in the US market later this decade.

Toyota says that the new “Coroda” is expected in 2019.