How to buy a new Toyota Tacoma

Toyota has announced a new model with a lot of options, but there’s a big catch.

The all-wheel drive Tacoma can’t be used on public roads.

The first model to go on sale in 2021 will be an all-electric version.

The new electric version will be available with the same 6.5 kWh battery as the base model, but it’s going to have a better range.

The base Tacoma will be around 7 miles on a charge, and the new model will be a whopping 8.3 miles.

It will be able to reach a maximum of about 160 miles per charge, which is the same as the new Prius Plug-in hybrid.

It should get around the same number of miles of range, too, but Toyota hasn’t released figures yet.

Toyota is also introducing a new price point for the new Tacoma.

The price will go from $34,995 to $37,995.

The starting price of the base Toyota Tacoma will remain the same, but the price of its electric version is going to be more expensive.

Toyota will offer both models with the cheapest price possible, but they’re going to cost more.

You’re not going to see an all new Tacoma until 2021.

The company also said it’s committed to making a full-size plug-in electric vehicle available in 2021.

Toyota says the new electric model will come standard on the base Tacoma, but with a higher price tag.

The Tacoma will come with a range of about 180 miles, or about 11 miles per gallon, so you can get the same range as a regular hybrid.

Toyota said the new price will start at $35,000 and will rise to $40,000 once it’s available in the U.S. In the meantime, there are some changes coming to the new plug-ins.

Toyota’s new Prio plug- in hybrid will no longer be available in its standard models, and it will no long be available for the base Prius and Prius Hybrid.

Toyota also is introducing the Eco plug- ins, which it’s calling the “next generation of plug-Ins.”

It’s a more advanced version of the regular Prius plug-In, with a larger battery and more power.

You can choose from two modes: “Full Electric” that uses the same 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery as an electric car, or “Clean Diesel” that combines the 7.0-kilohr battery with the 1.8-kilogram lithium ion battery that is used in the Prius hybrid.

Both modes are going to start at around $8,000.

It’s also possible to combine a standard Prius with an Eco plug in hybrid to get a new, more fuel-efficient Prius.

Toyota has also updated its price point to reflect its new plug in electric and the price tag on the new Plug-In hybrid.

The basic Prius costs $32,995 and will start selling in the second half of 2021.