Which NHL players would you like to see wear a suit next season?

The NHL is already looking to the future.

It’s looking to a future in which players will wear their jerseys to their games instead of just wearing them during the regular season.

This year, the league has been rolling out a series of changes aimed at ensuring the players of the future don’t get in trouble for wearing their uniforms too soon.

The first of those changes came this week with the introduction of a new “post-game” jersey.

The new uniform features a hood, the hood of which is made from a lightweight fabric.

This allows the player to keep their mask and visor on while playing.

Players will now be able to wear this jersey to games even if they’re not in uniform.

This new jersey has been designed to be worn after games, but it won’t require players to take off their masks or visors to go through the process of going through the post-game ritual.

The new jersey will also include a new jersey patch that will allow players to wear the jersey to the locker room.

The patch will also allow players who wear the new jersey to wear their mask during intermissions, games and games when the game is at its most exciting.

The patch will not be worn at the beginning of each game.

The NHL has also been adding new jerseys to the regular roster to make sure players can wear the uniform even if the team is out of uniform.

This includes players like Evgeni Malkin, Patrice Bergeron and Chris Kunitz.

While this jersey change is meant to make players look more professional, it will not necessarily make them more competitive.

The NHL has been criticized for letting players get away with wearing their uniform for long periods of time without ever having to change it.

The changes are meant to give players the best chance to make the NHL.