Toyota Camry is selling for $25K more than the $21K price tag it had to negotiate with customers

Toyota’s new Camry has become the most expensive car in the US, after a new model that costs more than twice as much.

The new Camrys will start at $26,000 and can be had for a staggering $25,000 more than its $21,000 asking price.

That’s up nearly $1,000 from the first model that started at $21.5K, but the price bump is just one of the many changes that Toyota is making to its flagship vehicle.

Toyota announced the Camry, which it said would be launched on June 6, would include a new driver seat, powertrain and a more powerful electric motor.

“The Camry represents a significant departure from the previous Camry models,” the company said.

“It’s a completely redesigned model that includes more powerful, more efficient technology that makes the car more capable, safer and more fun to drive.”

Toyota will begin shipping the new model in April, and it will be sold in both the United States and Japan.

The model was first introduced in Japan in 2014 and has been a popular model in that country.