Toyota scions Toyota and Ford to join forces

Ford and Toyota will join forces to develop the next generation of the Subaru Legacy crossover SUV in a deal that would make it the largest carmaker to produce a crossover SUV.

The automaker announced the deal Wednesday with Fox Motor Company, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that has been developing its crossover SUV, the Crosstrek.

Fox also announced that it will acquire Subaru of Japan, the Japanese automaker that owns the Scion brand.

The deal comes at a time when Ford is in the midst of a $6.5 billion restructuring effort.

The automaker said in March it would eliminate 10,000 jobs and cut about 2,500 positions from its U.S. operations.

The two companies are working on a range of products and have developed a “shared vision for the future of mobility,” said Gary Shapiro, Ford’s president of global business development and business strategy.

The Scion concept is a crossover vehicle that will be based on the current-generation Subaru Outback, a crossover that launched in the U.K. in 2008.

Subaru is the only major carmaker in the world that has a crossover crossover SUV and Toyota, which is building a version of the Outback.

The Toyota-Fox crossover SUV is slated to be available in 2019.

Toyota said it plans to offer the vehicle in three different models: the Corolla SUV, Toyota Camry SUV and the Prius Prime.