Toyota Corolla: The car that will change how we drive

Toyota will soon be able to sell its Corolla luxury sedan at the same price as its Corollas entry-level sedan, and the price will be almost exactly the same as its entry-class model.

The price of the Corolla sedan will be $22,600, up from the $21,800 that it would cost if it were sold at the current, non-hybrid sticker price of $36,600.

The Corolla SUV, which is currently priced at $33,400, will have a sticker price slightly lower than that of the car it replaces.

Toyota will also offer a new $3,400 option for buyers of the 2014 Corolla.

The company said it would sell the Corolla at a lower price as it continues to invest in the SUV and its driver assistance systems, which it said will improve its reliability.

It also said it will reduce the price of its popular Corolla crossover to $25,000, and it is considering adding an optional second-row seating position for its next-generation Corolla, which will be priced at the $35,000 price point it was in last year.

Toyota is also considering a hybrid version of the sedan.

It announced plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version this year and said it is currently developing that vehicle.

That car, however, will be offered at the higher price point of the model it replaces, the Coriola.

The automaker said it plans to make a significant investment in its autonomous driving efforts, which include building a fleet of vehicles capable of autonomously navigating city streets.

It said it has invested more than $10 billion in autonomous vehicles over the past three years, including in the Lexus RX, which was the most successful of the automaker’s self-driving efforts.

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