Why is Toyota so popular?

Toyota’s popularity has risen in Australia with an increased number of Toyotas sold in recent years, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In 2016, there were about 1,500 Toyota 4Runner vehicles on the road in the country, which is an increase of roughly 1 per cent on the year before.

It’s worth noting that there were also 1,400 4Runner 4WD models on the roads in 2017, which means that in 2018, the numbers are set to increase again.

A Toyota 4-Runner 4-wheel drive model sold in the Australian market is one of the most popular vehicles in the market, according a recent survey conducted by Autocar Australia.

Toyota says the Toyota 4WD model is the “ultimate 4WD vehicle” and has more than 30,000 registered owners in Australia.

Autocars’ annual report says the number of registered owners for the Toyota SUV is “the highest ever recorded in Australia”, although there is no official official data on the number sold.

Toyota has also launched its new flagship, the Toyota Prime, which debuted in 2017.

It will be sold in Australia starting next year.

According to Autocarc Australia, the Prime is expected to attract around 400,000 vehicles in its first year.

While Toyota has become more popular in Australia, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There have been a number of incidents with the Toyota Prius and Toyota 4 Runner.

In 2016 a Toyota Priuse was caught speeding on the A40 at Lockhart, in the north of the state, killing the driver.

In 2017, a Toyota 4runner 4WD was involved in a serious crash on the highway at Port Augusta in the Northern Territory.

In 2018, a passenger in a Toyota FJ Cruiser was involved and killed when it went off the road and hit a tree.

In the most recent incident, the owner of a Toyota Tacoma was injured when it crashed into a utility pole at the Adelaide airport.

There were also several incidents involving the Toyota Echo and Toyota Camry.

In December 2018, four people were killed when a Toyota Echo smashed into a car and two others were injured in Adelaide.

Toyota’s response in 2018 was not to put any additional measures in place.

The company is still in the process of introducing its Safety Assist system, which allows owners to change their destination and speed limit in a way that is more effective than the usual lane-change system.

Autosport, a magazine for the automotive industry, published an editorial in June 2018, arguing that Toyota is now “the global leader in vehicle safety”.

In the past few years, the company has introduced a number new safety measures, including a new driver assistance system, the Driver Assist, which automatically turns the driver’s seat forward, so they don’t have to look at their hands, the Safety Collision Warning system, a system that alerts drivers to potential collision hazards, and a system called Collision Mitigation, which detects and blocks collisions before they happen.

Autotrader reported in December 2018 that Toyota has been forced to implement a new braking system, called Active Brake Assist, that allows the vehicle to brake automatically when the vehicle is at an intersection or when the road is clear.

The system was introduced in 2020.

Toyota also introduced a new “Smart Parking” feature which is designed to improve the safety of drivers in certain locations, such as parking lots, where there is a high demand for cars and other vehicles.

Toyota is also working on an improved technology that can detect when a vehicle is in front of the driver and will warn the driver to slow down.

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