Toyota: Janus, Janus 2, and Janus 3 will be available in India as soon as the 2017 models come in to stock

A new generation of Toyota cars is expected to be released in India next year, with the first two models of the brand coming to market as early as March 2017, according to Toyota India.

Janus, a mid-size SUV, is being produced at Toyota’s plant in Janapur, in the northern state of Tamil Nadu, which is also home to the Janus plant.

Toyota India said that Janus 1 will be built at the Janapure assembly plant in Chennai.

Januus 2 will be made at Toyota India’s new plant at Gurgaon.

Janust 2 will feature a larger SUV, said Toyota India, adding that it will be sold only in India.

Toyotas brand is already available in at least 30 countries worldwide.