Toyota’s tacoma gets a new update

Toyota’s latest car is a big step up in performance, but that’s not all.

The car is also getting a new upgrade, and that’s the Tacoma.

Toyota has released the Tacomacas 2015 update, which includes new features and improvements to its most popular vehicle.

As part of the update, Toyota is introducing a new interior and a new exterior design.

Inside the car, the front fascia has been reworked to accommodate a new front bumper and a different grill.

Additionally, the tailgate has been updated with a new shape and a redesigned bumper.

And, the center stack has been moved up to the back of the car.

Overall, the updates are significant improvements to the Tacomas design and interior, and they bring Toyota’s car into line with other premium models like the Audi A4.

While it’s unclear how many Tacomacs will be offered in the United States, Toyota said that they will come in four different trim levels.

A four-door model will have a base price of $35,000, while a six-door will go for $35:$35,490,$37,490 and $42,490.

The Tacomas will arrive with the most advanced technologies, including adaptive cruise control, a new Safety Package, a five-star driver’s assistance package and a 6.0-liter EcoBoost V8.

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