Toyota Cedar Park opens for business

Toyota Cenotaph in Cedar Park, Texas, will be open for business on Monday, as the Toyota plant that makes the Tacoma is due to close for maintenance.

The closure is the result of a fire that destroyed parts of the plant in August.

The facility also has a large parking lot for vehicles and can accommodate a number of commercial vehicles.

Toyota will not reopen until the fire is under control.

The Toyota C-HR will be replaced by the C-X.

It will not be built at the plant.

Toyota says the fire that damaged parts of its Cedar Park plant in October has been contained, and it has not affected operations at the site.

Toyotas C-Series and C-MAX cars will remain in service until the end of 2020, the company said in a statement.

The fire that killed three workers in August also destroyed parts at the Toyota facility in the Texas town of La Porte, Texas.

Toyota announced it would shut the plant down at the end (September) of 2020 and replaced the cars with a smaller, lighter C-100.

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