Toyota’s new Rav4 used by Ford is a ‘toy’

By now, we all know the Ford GT is a hot hatch, but its not the only one.

The brand has been building a number of performance vehicles since the late 2000s, and while it’s always been about building the best, it’s not always been this way.

It seems that Ford and Toyota have hit a sweet spot when it comes to performance.

Ford has been able to leverage its powertrain technology to make the Raptor a more appealing option for both buyers and competitors.

It’s no secret that the GT is very powerful, and Ford has used this to its advantage.

The new 2017 Ford GT used in this article is a modified version of the car that we first spotted a few months ago.

The car has been modified by the Ford team to make it even more of a luxury model, but the car is still capable of handling the same basic powertrain.

At a base price of $72,800, the new Ford GT will be a pretty big price premium, but it’s one that buyers will have to shell out for if they want the car to make its mark in the market.

The car’s styling is similar to the GT’s in all the right ways, and it’s a bit of a bargain at $72.3k, which is almost double what the GT currently retails for.

As with many Ford vehicles, there are also some changes that will make the new 2017 GT a bit more appealing to some buyers.

The suspension has been completely redesigned to improve handling, and the front and rear suspensions are now much wider, with more travel.

For the price, the Ford’s new GT is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Ford will release a press release for the car in the coming days, so stay tuned.