Toyota to build a new $50 billion assembly plant in Fremont

Toyota Motor Corp. is about to announce that it will build a $50-billion assembly plant to replace its Fremont assembly plant.

Toyota said the $4 billion facility in Fremond, California, will be located in a 30-acre parcel in the San Gabriel Valley near the city’s downtown.

The site is near a highway and a water system, and Toyota said it will employ about 2,500 people at the plant.

Construction will start in 2018, with the plant expected to be complete in 2022, according to a Toyota spokesperson.

The company has said it wants to expand its Fremond plant to more than double its capacity by 2040.

The Fremont facility, which has been the subject of months of protests, will employ more than 1,000 people.

The plant is a centerpiece of Toyota’s plan to become a global leader in vehicles and a leader in hybrid, battery-electric, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

The move comes just months after Toyota announced plans to build the first 100,000 cars in the United States, with an overall goal of 100,00 vehicles by 2020.