How to stop car-share company from leaving town

A car-sharing company that left its town of Toyota Tacoma for a new home in South Carolina has shuttered.

Toyota said in a statement Monday that it has been forced to close the company’s Tacoma, a small sedan that can accommodate up to eight people.

Toyotas Tacoma, which has a 3,200-mile (5,500-kilometer) warranty, is available for hire for $8 a day for a two-hour drive from the Tacoma dealership in Toyota’s hometown of South Bend, Indiana.

The company said it was working to open a new Tacoma dealership and would begin leasing cars from new owners.

The car-hailing service, called Car2Go, announced plans to open its first U.S. store in July, and it also said it planned to expand its service area to other parts of the country.

Toyota said it will continue to operate its Tacoma dealership.

It will be the second Toyota dealership to be forced to shut down since it started offering car-to-car services in 2016.

Toyota announced the move in December, saying it needed to focus on building its fleet of large cars in the U.K. and Asia.

The move to shut the Tacoma was the second in the last week for the company.

The automaker announced earlier this month that it will buy back 1,200 Tacomas from dealerships, with an additional 2,200 coming from its fleet.

Toyota closed its Tacoma business last year, and the automaker is working to relocate the Tacoma to South Carolina.

The U.KS.-based company said the Tacoma is currently leased to Toyotan customers in South Bend.

Toyota is expected to lease its first Tacoma to a new owner by the end of the month.