How to stop the auto industry from wrecking the UK economy

In March, we reported on how the auto sector in the UK is struggling to cope with the global slowdown and the Brexit vote, and it is now the turn of the toyota-led UK government to get the message across.

As the UK’s government is looking to sell off the auto-parts business, it is proposing a new tax to help boost the local economy.

The government has been quietly preparing to sell the toy and toyota brands to the German conglomerate, but is now making public the details of its proposed sales tax.

The government has also been trying to make the sales tax a part of the final Brexit deal, as it has promised to impose the tax on all cars sold in the United Kingdom, rather than just the ones from the UK, with the exception of those imported into the UK.

The announcement comes as the UK government is facing a backlash from unions over the government’s planned sale of the auto parts business.

A recent survey from the Institute of Directors (IoD) found that 87 percent of British business owners surveyed were concerned about the impact of the sale of their businesses to Germany.

The IoD survey also found that 71 percent of UK business owners believe the proposed sales taxes on imported cars will affect their ability to compete against the likes of Tesla and Mercedes.

While there has been little talk of the sales taxes being part of a final Brexit agreement, there has also not been much opposition from union leaders and campaigners who are urging the government to scrap the sales taxation plan altogether.

On Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the government would be considering selling the toy industry, which includes the car-making giant, to the European Union.

Johnson also made clear the government is prepared to negotiate with the German company, and that the government wants to keep the British market in the EU as well.

“We have been negotiating with toyota, and we will be negotiating with the Germans,” Johnson told reporters.

“We have no plans to sell it.”

This is not the first time that the UK has sought to sell its auto parts to a German company.

In 2016, the UK Government also announced plans to auction off a significant part of its car-building industry to the Volkswagen Group.

The British Government was forced to make this announcement after Volkswagen Group announced plans for a factory in Sunderland.

This comes as UK officials are preparing to announce the final deal for the British auto industry on Thursday, and as the German government is preparing to issue its first Brexit decision, as part of an internal Brexit process.

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