Toyota chaser returns to Australian TV with an episode of ‘The Chase’

Posted September 30, 2018 12:11:53 The Toyota Chaser returns in the latest episode of the ‘The Drive’ series.

The show is a tribute to the life of legendary Australian sportsman and TV star Bob Mackay and the car manufacturer.

The new episode, entitled ‘The One That Gets Away’, features a brief interview with the car maker and Mackay’s former coach, former coach and current Toyota racing driver Davey Allison.

Toyota Chaser Episode 12: The Chase #1, the first in a new season of The Drive, aired on Sunday night on ABC TV and online on Monday morning.

It features the latest news from Toyota and the racing world, including the return of the Toyota Chasers to Australian television.

Toyota will also unveil its latest models for 2018, including its new Supra and Camry, which have been out since October 2018.

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