‘A Christmas Story’ on RTE – ‘A Day in the Life’ – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A Christmas Story on RTV – The good, the bad and the ugly Christmas stories for kids. 

“Christmas” will be shown on the RTE channel for the first time ever. 

The show is based on the popular children’s book, written by Jules Winnick and illustrated by Tom Hardy. 

A series of three films has also been produced by RTE, which will air on the channel later this year. 

One of the films is The Tale of Little Tom, directed by Nick Hornby. 

It will be the second film to feature Nick Hornbacher as Tom Hardy, who has also directed two films including The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Side of the Moon.

The second film, The Tale Of Little Tom: Part One, will be released on Christmas Day 2019. 

As well as Tom, who plays Little Tom in the film, will also be returning for the sequel, called Little Tom’s Tale, which is due for release in 2019.

Tom and his wife Karen will also return for the third film, which stars a number of other family members, including his mother, and his daughter, Daisy. 

Another family member, the Prince of Wales, will return for a Christmas special, which starts at 9pm. 

RTE will be showing the first three films in HD on Christmas Eve, with the remainder of the series available to watch in HD through the channel on Christmas night. 

And finally, the show will be presented live on RTC 6 in the RTC box office, which also features a variety of events. 

If you are planning on going to the Christmas Market in December, there will be a number on offer to go along with the show. 

There are various different activities in the market which you can take part in. 

This includes a traditional Christmas market in St Andrew’s Square, a children’s market in the Royal College of Art, a market for children with special needs and a childrens play centre. 

You can also find traditional Christmas markets in the park, in the parks, at church, schools and the National Theatre. 

For the first Christmas Market, the Royal Theatre will screen the first four episodes of the film. 

 The second Market will feature a children-only event, and the third Market will see childrens activities. 

An event to celebrate the centenary of the 1916 Rising in Edinburgh will also take place in Edinburgh on December 18. 

On Christmas Eve there will also also be a public children’s event at the National Gallery in Edinburgh. 

Children can also join a children and family friendly Christmas parade in Edinburgh’s City Square, from 9.30am. 

They can even participate in a fun children’s parade, in front of the Royal Opera House, starting at 6.30pm.

The National Theatre will also have a Christmas concert in the Opera House in the morning on Christmas day. 

Some of the other events include a children friendly day at the Royal Botanic Gardens, a kids’ play parade in the city centre, a festive party at the City Hall, a celebration of the Easter Bunny and an interactive children’s playground. 

At 10.30, the National Opera House will open its doors for the opening of the new film, A Christmas Carol, as part of the National Poetry Festival. 

In the afternoon, the Opera Hall will also welcome the opening night of the show in the form of the national anthem, as it opens for the film at 11.30. 

Finally, RTE will air an animated short film about the show which features a series of clips from the film and a live musical performance of the opening song. 

Other events at the event include a musical performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and children’s theatre in the National Theater. 

With more than two million children’s events taking place on Christmas, the RTS Christmas Market is sure to be a special one for many. 

More information: www.rte.ie/events/christmas/christmarch-market-live-stream-shows/

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