Why the ‘Camry’ may be better for you than the Toyota Camry

Toyota has announced a new Camry sedan for the US market, and it may be a better car for you in the long run.

The 2018 Camry, which is due to hit the market in 2020, will include a few more features than the current model, including a new powertrain and a new safety system.

However, Toyota is pushing back on the idea that the 2018 Camrys new car will be better than the Camry SE, which was launched in 2017.

The 2018 CamRY SE comes with the same 6.2-liter four-cylinder engine as the Camrys current model.

However the new Camrys powertrain is actually a more powerful version of the Toyota’s current 5.7-liter turbocharged four-valve V6 engine.

The engine was developed with a new turbocharger, but the current Camrys engine is still the same engine used in the previous generation of the 2018 Toyota Camrys, which debuted in 2016.

This means that Toyota could have used the powertrain developed with the turbochargers for its upcoming Camry.

But instead, it decided to use the engine for the Camries next generation.

This new engine is actually more powerful than the one used in earlier models of the Camys SE.

This engine is rated at 530 horsepower, and Toyota says it is capable of 550 horsepower and 618 pound-feet of torque.

However this new engine will likely not be the power of a regular Camry and Toyota is likely going to use it for the next-generation Camry model.

Instead, the new engine was specifically developed to make use of the new turbocharged engine and it will be able to deliver the same horsepower as the one in the current Toyota Camries new car.

However that powertrain won’t be in the car, and instead, the power is going to be put into the wheels and tires.

This new engine has been optimized for the new model, and this means that it will offer better handling and cornering.

The powertrain, however, won’t offer all of the power that the previous Camrys SE used.

The new engine also has an electric motor in the front that will help the car handle the cornering and acceleration, but it will not be able get the same kind of torque that the current engine does.

Toyota will be using this electric motor to increase the power output of the engine, and that will make the Camriys handling better.

It is important to note that the electric motor is still a new technology, and will likely require further development.

Toyota says that the new power unit will allow the new car to deliver “up to 50 percent better fuel economy, with better fuel efficiency and higher fuel economy compared to the previous model.”

The new engine makes use of an electric powertrain that is still in its infancy.

This electric power unit is capable with up to 540 horsepower and 500 pound-force of torque, and can deliver a higher power output and torque.

This powertrain has not been tested by the EPA yet, but Toyota says that it has been proven to be reliable.

Toyos powertrain also has a hybrid system that can be used to improve fuel economy.

The hybrid system uses a hybrid battery and is capable to deliver more than 80 miles per gallon on the highway.

This is a huge improvement over the previous Toyota Camryn cars, which only had up to 45 miles per tank of fuel.

Toyotas hybrid powertrain will also help to improve handling.

The powertrain can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, and the car can accelerate up to 120 mph in 7.6 seconds.

This will make it easier to accelerate from a standstill, and even to get from a stop.

However when compared to previous models, the Camryn SE, the car has an improved handling.

This allows the car to accelerate much faster than previous models of Toyota vehicles.

Toyoda’s new Camriests next-gen Camry will also have some improvements over the current generation of Toyota’s Camry cars.

This car will have a more efficient engine, which means that the car will not produce more emissions.

Additionally, the current powertrain engine will be replaced with a hybrid one.

This hybrid power unit should be able increase fuel efficiency by about 15 percent over the ToyotaCamry SE.

However Toyota is still testing this system, and is still evaluating whether it is a viable option.

This technology is still early in its development, so Toyota is not yet certain about its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Toyonoda’s next-year Camry models are also expected to offer more performance than the previous models.

The current Camry comes with a 4.2 liter V6 that makes 425 horsepower, which Toyota says is about 40 horsepower more than the standard 5.5 liter V8 that the Camyrases current model comes with.

However unlike the Camar