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  • How to spot a Toyota Corolla hatch and Camry hybrid in the 2017 NHL Draft

    If you’re looking for a car to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, then look no further than the Toyota Corollas.The Corolla has always been a solid car to look at and for many people, the Corolla is the best value for the money.In fact, in 2017, the Toyota Camry Hybrid won the 2016 GMC […]

  • Toyota scions Toyota and Ford to join forces

    Ford and Toyota will join forces to develop the next generation of the Subaru Legacy crossover SUV in a deal that would make it the largest carmaker to produce a crossover SUV.The automaker announced the deal Wednesday with Fox Motor Company, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that has been developing its crossover SUV, the […]

  • What You Should Know About Toyota Highlander 2018: The Best Cars to Buy

    Toyota Highlanders 2018 is the latest installment in the Toyota family of premium luxury sedans, and the fourth generation to launch in 2019.The 2019 model has more than a few surprises to keep you busy.Toyota also introduces a new 4Runner SUV for 2018 that offers a range of fun features like heated front seats, leather-wrapped […]

  • Toyota Rav4 used for new electric vehicle in Israel

    A toyota motor vehicle used in Israel for electric cars has been sold to a local car dealership, in an attempt to boost sales of electric vehicles in the country.The Rav4 is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that uses an electric motor to provide the power.The battery pack on the Rav4 has a capacity of […]

  • How to buy the best used car for your family

    Buyers in Vancouver are getting a little more complicated these days with a new generation of vehicles being offered by some of the country’s most prominent car dealerships.But the choices are starting to become more limited, as a number of models, such as the Toyota Ae86 and the Ford F-150, are starting at a discount, […]

  • How to drive a Toyota Corolla 2000 model from California to Nevada

    A 2008 Toyota Corollas has been restored to original glory by an avid collector in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to his son, Jeff.The car, dubbed the Toyota CoroLLA 2000, was a gift from Jeff to his wife, Katie, who was in California to visit her mother, a nurse, and her brother-in-law.The Corolla is one of […]

  • How to save your toyota: What you need to know

    In December, when Toyota introduced a recall of its Prius hybrid, a model with a diesel engine, the company issued a public apology for not being “more transparent about the problem” and acknowledged that it had failed to communicate with owners about the recall.The company’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, made similar comments to CNN during the […]

  • How to buy a car in 2020

    Toyota has confirmed the launch of a new version of the Prius, which will see it introduced in 2020.The brand said the 2018 model will be the first to have an electric drivetrain.“It is the first Prius to offer a fully electric drive system,” the company said in a statement.“This is based on the Toyota […]

  • Why the ‘Camry’ may be better for you than the Toyota Camry

    Toyota has announced a new Camry sedan for the US market, and it may be a better car for you in the long run.The 2018 Camry, which is due to hit the market in 2020, will include a few more features than the current model, including a new powertrain and a new safety system.However, Toyota […]

  • Why Toyota is building more Corollas: What’s the point?

    Toyota has built more than 5 million Corolla models since 2003, and it now plans to build more than 10 million over the next decade, according to Toyota Japan president Nobuyuki Takahashi.The company said that while the global sales of Corollases continue to decline, the company’s Japanese sales are rising in tandem with global demand. Toyota […]

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