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  • How Disney will react to ‘Star Wars’ remake

    The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Disney-owned studio is expected to approve a sequel to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens at a meeting of the board on Friday.The publication has also learned that the studio has no plans to release another Star Wars movie after this one, which is expected in […]

  • The Toyota of Murfreesborough

    The Toyota Motor Corporation of Murfa­sboro, Tenn., has signed a lease agreement for the Toyota Center for the Advancement of Football.The Toyota Center, located at the corner of West Third Street and South Fourth Street, will house the team’s stadium, the Toyota Soccer Center and other facilities, including an indoor practice facility.The move is a […]

  • Which is the best toyota Chaser?

    A new toyota toyota chasers have arrived in the UK and one of them has some impressive stats.Toyota Chasers is a toyota company that is looking to build on its successes and develop the Chaser concept.The new Chaser features a more aggressive design than the previous generation.The Chaser will go on sale in 2019.Toyotas Chasers […]

  • Why I love Toyota of America and the Toyota FJ–A Tale of Two Cars

    I love to be a car guy.The fact that my parents had an American car, a Toyota, which they bought as a teenager, was a defining moment in my life, I think.It gave me a chance to be who I was.It’s an iconic car, the American muscle car that was introduced in 1956.The FJ is […]

  • Why are Toyota 4Runner 4RX buyers so obsessed with the 4Runner?

    In the past, the 4runner has been a vehicle that has captivated and been revered by enthusiasts around the world.Its performance and ease of operation have made it a classic.Now, it’s getting a facelift and the 4rx has become one of the hottest cars on the road.But while the 4Rx is a well-regarded car for […]

  • Which NHL players would you like to see wear a suit next season?

    The NHL is already looking to the future.It’s looking to a future in which players will wear their jerseys to their games instead of just wearing them during the regular season.This year, the league has been rolling out a series of changes aimed at ensuring the players of the future don’t get in trouble for […]

  • Toyota to open new factory in Western Australia

    Toyota has announced it will open a factory in WA to create an automotive assembly line for its latest model, the Corolla.The plant will employ between 500 and 600 people and will have a workforce of up to 1,500 people.The company says the facility will also be a new production facility for Toyota’s Corolla SUV.“We […]

  • Toyota Camry, 2019: Dealer Daily

    The Toyota Camrys, a luxury sedan, are being touted by the dealership daily as a top-of-the-line vehicle for the 2020s.The Toyota Venza will be available in 2019 with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a starting price of $28,000.The 2017 model, which was sold as a two-door, was a high-performance vehicle that sold well, according to […]

  • Why you should buy a Tesla in 2018

    The new Tesla is a huge step forward for the company, but its only one step on the road to full autonomy.It also doesn’t change the basic way we use cars, the way we want them to be, the kinds of people who own them.The only thing Tesla has done that is a big step […]

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