How to spot a Toyota Corolla hatch and Camry hybrid in the 2017 NHL Draft

If you’re looking for a car to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, then look no further than the Toyota Corollas.The Corolla has always been a solid car to look at and for many people, the Corolla is the best value for the money.In fact, in 2017, the Toyota Camry Hybrid won the 2016 GMC […] →Read more

Toyota recalls over 2.5 million Lexus cars with faulty air bags

AUSTIN, Texas — Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) is recalling over 2 million vehicles with defective air bags and replacement parts.The company is recalling the 2016-18 Lexus RX 350, 2017-18 F-Class, 2019-20 F-Prime, 2019 Lexus ES 350, 2019 F-150, 2018 Lexus LX 350, 2018 Toyota Camry, 2017 Toyota Prius, 2019 Toyota Corolla, 2019 and 2018 Toyota […] →Read more

How to avoid the ‘Tesla Model 3’ scam

Tesla Motors has faced criticism for not immediately releasing information on the latest version of its flagship electric vehicle.But the automaker says it’s now releasing new information on its latest electric vehicle model.Al Jazeera’s Tom Burridge reports from Los Angeles. →Read more

Toyota Corolla: The Corolla Is Not the Corolla It Used To Be

3.5.0 Toyota Corollas are among the best-selling vehicles on the road today, and the latest generation of the brand is a bit of a cult favourite.But it’s a cult classic for a reason: the Corolla’s iconic red hood and rear spoiler are so distinctive that the Japanese company has even given it the nickname Corolla […] →Read more

Why are Toyota 4Runner 4RX buyers so obsessed with the 4Runner?

In the past, the 4runner has been a vehicle that has captivated and been revered by enthusiasts around the world.Its performance and ease of operation have made it a classic.Now, it’s getting a facelift and the 4rx has become one of the hottest cars on the road.But while the 4Rx is a well-regarded car for […] →Read more

What’s the latest news from Toyota, Toyota Highlanders and Toyota Truck in 2018?

Toyota will make an announcement at the end of the month about its highlander series, the automaker’s first entry in the highlander category since 2016.Toyota will also announce its 2018 Toyota Highlander truck, the most expensive vehicle in the Toyota lineup, and will introduce a new pickup truck with a new body kit.The company has […] →Read more

BMW’s new flagship crossover: A look at the 2019 BMW X5 from inside the showroom

BMW has just launched its new flagship SUV, the BMW X6.And with the announcement comes a host of new specifications for the vehicle, which is the world’s first all-electric SUV to be produced in the U.S. The SUV will be available for purchase in Canada later this year, with the U →Read more

Toyota scions Toyota and Ford to join forces

Ford and Toyota will join forces to develop the next generation of the Subaru Legacy crossover SUV in a deal that would make it the largest carmaker to produce a crossover SUV.The automaker announced the deal Wednesday with Fox Motor Company, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that has been developing its crossover SUV, the […] →Read more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $20 billion plan for his new company gets some $3 billion in funding

Tesla’s $1.5 billion Series B funding round is now closed.Musk announced it on Twitter earlier today, announcing a $3.1 billion Series A round of funding.It’s unclear how much Tesla’s new company will actually be able to grow.This is good news for Tesla, because Musk’s company is in the midst of launching a number of new […] →Read more